Saturday, July 11, 2009

Book 2

If book 2 isn't good yet, then just keep reading. It gets WAY better, I promise.

Chapter 1 Peace on Earth…Sorta

After the moon incident, all was absolutely the way things should be. No UltraMan. Strangely, there was a sinister aura all around us. I figured the worst case scenario. We hadn’t seen the last of him. But, life went on as usual. I lived with Dawn and Flint, my multi-zillionaire friends. A peaceful day of December 23. Two days until Christmas. Then…BANG!!! A huge explosion rang through the air. Dawn, Flint, and I ran outside. Huge flashes appeared to be coming for the horizon.
“What’s going on here?” a voice demanded. Oh great, I thought, it’s Mr. Medal of Honor, the captain of the Marines. The one who stopped me at an airport.
“Look for yourself, dude.” I groaned.
“You.” he glared. “I intend to finish the person who finished my boss.”
“And I intend to find a leprechaun in the Death Star!”
“I…the Ultimate Akplaz Crystal?”
“The what??” This guy is weird.
“Give it to me, NOW!!!”
“What, this? It’s only a normal akplaz crystal.”
“I’ll have to fight you for it.” he warned.
“Deal. You’re going down.” An akplaz ball was hurled from my hand and sent him across the watching crowd.
“I think I won.”
“I AGREE!!!!!!” an extremely familiar voice boomed. No…UltraMan was back?!?
“How are you still alive?” I yelled, worried that he wasn’t going to be as easy as last time.
“MY BROTHERS HAVE REVIVED ME, ISN’T THAT RIGHT, MEGAMAN!!!!” MegaMan? Suddenly, an 11 foot tall, armored twin of UltraMan jumped down from the sky. They had me surrounded, with one way out. Dawn and Flint had no idea that I was about to teleport to an overlap in dimensions. I stared down at the blue crystal hanging on a thread around my neck. I took one look at the charging missiles, took one look at my worried friends, and I took one look at the small crystal I had used to survive.
“Sorry pal, but there’s a way to escape you two. Imagine this: I’m stranded on a totally deserted island with no civilization in a radius of 5,000,000 miles. I have a portal. How do I escape?”
“Stop imagining!” MegaMan yelled.
“Actually, use the portal!” I yelled. As I clutched the crystal, Dawn and Flint ran up. FLASH! A blue tunnel appeared, letting Dawn, Flint, and I slide down to a place where we could seek refuge. An Akplaz Dojo.

Chapter 2 A Few Skills

ZAP!!!! We appeared on a tile floor. I knew nothing should have changed since we were here last, but I seemed to be wrong. A wall was being supported by a blue pillar. A 10-foot-long hole was in the ground. The three akplaz spirits, Aurora, Flash, and Corona, were tied up in iron cords.
“What happened here?” I asked. Little did I realize the akplaz spirits were gagged. We ran towards them, about to help. Flash made a weak shake of his head towards me.
“Mmmphh.” he said through the gag. I stopped running. Dawn and Flint untied the cords, took off the gags, and helped the spirits up.
“Thank goodness you three are all right. These iron cords burn like mad!” Aurora said.
“That’s what I was trying to say, Brennan.” Flash said. “Iron is extremely painful to akplaz warriors and spirits.”
“That’s how they stopped us.” Corona explained.
“Who attacked you anyway?” Flint asked.
“UltraMan, another guy about his size, and an army.” Aurora said. “By the way, could you help us repair this place?”
“No problem!” Dawn, Flint, and I said. Using strength and akplaz magic, we were able to fix the dojo except for the paper that told every akplaz spell known to mankind (and then some). I picked it up and looked at it. It showed spells like “Invisibility, Teleportation, and Ul…m… s…ll” The last one was almost faded, and the way to cast it was torn off. I saw the others and decided I could do them. I focused and looked at myself. I was invisible. I focused again, and I found myself standing in another place. These spells aren’t as hard to cast as I thought. I practiced more.
“I see you’re having fun, Brennan.” Flash said. I was trying to figure out what “Ul…m…s…ll” was.
“What is this?” I asked.
“That is…” He didn’t finish. I started feeling dizzy. Two guys in black suits had iron blocks hurled at Flash. I fired an akplaz blast at them. One flew back, while the other dodged the blast but was hit by an ice shard.
“Oh-no! Flash!” Aurora screamed. I swear she could shatter glass with that scream. SCRASH!! One guy jumped out a window.
“What happened?” Corona yelled.
“He took in iron poisoning, and he won’t get well easily.” Aurora said. “I only know one way to heal him. A legendary crystal could heal him if it could reflect light on him. The crystal is called Geminite. It’s large and bluish-pink. I can stay and try to keep him with us while you three go find the Geminite. Quick!” I realized it was the only way to save him. Plus, if it could help Flash, it could help me fight UltraMan and what’s-his-face.
“Guys,” I said. “We’re going to find that crystal! Where is the crystal anyway?”
“In a garden in the Zeta state. Unfortunately, UltraMan has a base there.”

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